Buffet feast of fathers to the fern | hotel Colbert

From noon

BUFFET OF STARTERS AND Dessertsa 65 000 Ar

The entries

Raw ham
Ham on the bone, Madeira sauce
Cheese of France
Half-cooked foie gras to the morels
Vanilla duck Rillette
Fresh oysters from the South
Supreme duck to Chinese
Rustic Terrine
Galantine of pork foot
Roast suckling pig
Spring salad with olives
Lawyers vinaigrette salad


Fruit salad
Exotic fruit mousse
Frangipani pie
Lightning Strawberry revisited
Pie bourdaloue

La carte Grill

Grilled loin marinated , oyster sauce
AR 15 000
Side of beef with herbs
AR 28 500
Skewers of ST- Jacques to the plancha
AR 25 000
Salmon grilled in foil keypad
AR 22 500

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phillBuffet feast of fathers to the fern | hotel Colbert

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