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Valentine's day menu to 85 000Ar

Lobster and mango duo – lawyer smoked salmon Mousse, Carpaccio of St jacques and oyster foie gras love crunchiness aphrodisiac (PEAR ginger) Favorite of the sea with vanilla Creole butter, sweet potato gratin cheese of France love PEAR coffee, infusion Mignardises Service 10% extra

Buffet of the St Sylvestre at the tavern

INPUT tray of smoked salmon Cascade of oysters from Fort Dauphin tray of lobster in lovely platter of shrimp and squid charcuterie platter of France cheese plate France Tartare of red tuna ham pie platter of swordfish pressed duck Rillette beets / pork pork Terrine / Pate / duck Medallion

Buffet dancing of the St Sylvestre at the bougainvillea room

APPETIZER sandwich of foie gras, Salt slice of ratatouille and anchovies sofa of raw ham and pickle sandwich of fresh cheese with herbs Cake with shrimp and spinach Nem to foie gras Mini quiche (Ham Cheese / salmon fourme/mushroom goat) Maki (vegetable / bluefin tuna / salmon eggs of lumps) FRUITS of sea, bluefin tuna

Carte des Fêtes au restaurant La Taverne pour cette fin d'année.

The Restaurant Tavern with the Chief Hery and her team wish you a Merry Christmas 2014 and a good year 2015 breath of crayfish and fourme of Ambert 28 500 Ar Œuf garbled in hull to the truffle and lumpfish eggs Ar 31 000, Oyster-parmesan, campaign Lemony butter muslin Ar 33 500

Carte de Noël au restaurant La Fougère pour cette fin d'année.

December 24, 2014 & 31 December 2014 half-moon of snails, smoked vanilla Ar 26 500 Millefeuille of smoked salmon and lobster Ar 32 000 tuna - Foie gras - semolina - truffles Ar 29 000 fresh oysters, karamotsaka Lemony Ar 32 000 Duo of carpaccio of red tuna and Camaron cooked salt Ar

The bar Le Club du Colbert opened again ?

The long awaited moment has arrived, because the the Colbert hotel opened the doors of his Le Club bar since last Thursday, October 2. It's so not a hoax as many of you would have thought it, but the bar is indeed open for your pleasure. The room has particular

Your October appointments with the Happy Hour of the Colbert !

For the whole month of October, The Colbert Hotel invites you to Happy Hours which will be valid every Saturday and Sunday of this month. During these moments of sold-out delights, Colbert offers you an average pizza for every large model pizza purchased. Profitez-en pour découvrir les talents du pizzaiolo de son restaurant et