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Easter buffet | Sunday and Monday at the fern of the Colbert

Buffet "Easter Sunday" Sunday, the 27th of mars2016 Ar 70 000 entered Ham with bone Terrine platter country Terrine of chicken mushroom platter of meats from countries Carpaccio of tuna cooked shrimp marinated diced vegetables Mofosakay and poultry poached egg Quiche nem and his small salad and Red

Evening Beaujolais new 2015 to the Colbert | Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beaujolais new Thursday, November 19, 2015 dinner at the Restaurant Tavern Buffet Campagnard Ar 125 000, ham crusted ham Serano charcuterie of France Rillette of duck Terrine platter country Galantine of suckling pig in pink berries suckling pig roasted medallion of chicken dry fruits dough crust roast duck


Friday, June 26, 2015 Ar 65 000 entries medallion of foie gras with vanilla oxen green pepper Terrine Dodine poultry to the compound to the Malagasy mushrooms ( Bean white-Macedonia-salad of pasta-salad totokena salad) Sweet chili / Mofo Ra'anana head of pork pepper salad soft and shallot pie

Mother's day at the tavern, lunch on May 31, 2015

Menu mother's day enjoying mouth ————————- Tartar of smoked salmon and blinis ———————— Liver fat vanilla Macaron ———————— Ravioli of Hock and foot of veal parmesan ———————— Fricassee of Camarón Island spice, Balsamic caramel , Spring Maki ———————— Sweetness for MOM (White chocolate and strawberry cheese) ———————— Coffee, infusion sweets

Buffet of the 2015 Valentine to the Restaurant La fougère

Entries ham Crusted Chicken Kebab (cucumber - yogurt salad) Shrimp Maki – Eggs of Lump bluefin tuna cooked beets salad to broccoli and mango to the roast beef with garlic olives and Rosemary Terrine of rabbit with crayfish steam parmentier to the anchovies and sweet corn Caviar and eggplant foam